Acupuncture Testimonial

I just want to tell anyone who is sceptical or hesitant about Accupuncture
please hear me. I was one of these people. But, now after having the treatment I am totally amazed and feel this is better than regular medicine.
This treatment actually corrects and heals you. It doesn’t coverup what
medicines do. Healing is what the answer is and Vivian and her daughter
Ally, are so wonderful and flexible for anyone’s schedule. My husband
went to her first and had gout damage in his joints and Rh Arthritis. He now
has no pain and is healed. No medicine will have to cover up the problem any more. If he needs a treatment in the future he will go for whatever the problem would be. Me, I am still going and being treated and I can feel the difference already and have more issue’s to deal with than my husband. If there were a word that would say it better than the very best, I would use that word to discribe Vivian’s work. Oh before I forget Vivian does herbal treatment. Her herbal treatment with me is amazing and healing. I just can’t seem to say enough good about this kind of treatment. Wouldn’t you want to be healed instead of covering it up and keeping that problem? Take that step of faith and just try it. You to will be amazed. All I can say is WOW!!!:)