Meet the Staff


Hi, I’m Vivian, but, to many around town, I am mostly known as the Magic Needles Lady.  I came face to face with Acupuncture while living overseas in Lima, Peru over 30 years ago; upon returning to the States, I completed four years of intense studies and obtained a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami, Florida.

Prior to relocating to Jacksonville, NC,  I had two very busy and successful practices in Miami, Florida, in which I had the opportunity to treat large numbers of patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions such low back pain, neck pain, autoimmune disorders, gynecological disorders, post-stroke recovery, cancer, arthritis and preventative medicine.

My practice is a family practice, I treat women, babies, children, men and seniors, from simple pain complaints to complicated problems, but I have specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology, treating women disorders including but not limited to menopause and fertility issues.  I very much enjoy guiding women from the moment of conception and all throughout their pregnancy, and preparing their body for the miraculous moment of bringing a new life into this world. Treating women issues brought me to a complimentary  specialty, helping men achieve a better quality of life by treating male problems, from Erectile Disfunction and Prostate conditions to male fertility issues.

I am one of Dr. Richard Tan’s proud students. He taught me what Acupuncture was all about; he made IChing Acupuncture come to life, so don’t be too surprised if when you come to my office with low back pain, I may only put needles on your hands, instead of your back!

I moved to Jacksonville, NC, in 2006 and I must say that I love living here. In 2007, I created a no-fee PTSD clinic for our Veterans of All Wars, it is a way to give back not only to this community and this wonderful country who opened its arms to my mother and I over 45 years ago, but to the men and women that have helped us live the American dream.

I am always studying and taking classes to better myself and pass it on to my patients. I have a passion for life!  I love traveling, horseback riding, animals,  nature at large, photography, cooking, music in general and have recently been taking Belly Dancing lessons! I am the proud mother of three wonderful grown-up children Gustavo, Alessandra and Vivian Marie, they are my strength, my anchor, my joy; they have made me the woman I am today, for they have been my best teachers! I have four adorable grandchildren Alyssa, Katherine, Andy, and Camille and have four wonderful dogs, Ninja, Leia, Albert and Burrito, who make my life complete!